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Rocky Mountain Llama Rental and Guide Service

Now serving the Rocky Mountain Region, Yellowstone Region and the Contiental Divide Trail.


Your Adventure Begins Here!

CruisePotato Ranch Llama Packers located in Sonora, CA has retired from the llama rental business. After over 26 years of operation, Potato Ranch Llama Packers has decided to take a step back and focus on their llama breeding program.

The new owners, Montana Llama Guides, are located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Montana and willl continue to provide llama rentals in the area plus additional llama packing opportunities including Yellowstone National Park, Montana High Alpine Lakes, Day Hikes, Party Rentals and more. Please visit MontanaLlamaGuides.com for more information or call 406.600.3835

Lleading the boysLlamas are a great compliment to backpacking. They make it possible to extend your trip, lessen the burden on hikers, have young children accompany you, and/or bring extra photography equipment. You don't need extensive animal experience to handle a trained pack llama. Llamas are friendly, calm, and nimble over all sorts of terrain. Through hikers and day hikers alike can benefit from these helpful pack animals.