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Rocky Mountain Llama Rental and Guide Service

Now serving the Rocky Mountain Region, Yellowstone Region and the Contiental Divide Trail.


Why Llamas?

Surefooted LlamaQuite simply, llamas were born to pack. Their two-toed feet offer excellent sure-footedness and cause minimal wear on the trails. Llamas are browsers who use whatever food is available very efficiently.

Generally, llamas have a gentle and easy going personality. They do not like to have their heads or legs touched but are quite receptive to humans with yummy treats, such as carrots, apples and grain.

The distance a llama can travel is affected by its load, the terrain and the temperature. We allow a 60 pound load per animal. On a moderately graded trail with an early morning departure, you should be able to cover 10-12 miles per day. We recommend that the first day's hike be in the 5-7 mile range so that llamas and humans can become accustomed to working together.

Leading Five LlamasLlamas are a great compliment to backpacking. They make it possible to extend your trip, lessen the burden on hikers, and/or have young children accompany you. You don't need extensive animal experience to handle a trained pack llama.