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Sierra Nevada Llama Rental

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Trekking the John Muir Trail with Llamas

Llams at Muir PassLlamas are a wonderful asset for JMT hikers. Plan early to ensure you can reserve llamas for the full length of your trip (see note below).

  • Fewer Resupplies: Llamas allow you to extend the number of days between resupplies.
  • Nimble & Surefooted: Llamas can easily negotiate the trail conditions along the JMT - even the big steps around Forester and other passes.
  • Great Companions: Llamas provide a welcome buddy for times when the trail gets too quiet.

JMT LlamasThe entire JMT is open to stock animals. As in all wilderness areas, some lakes have stock restrictions. Llamas are browsers and feed on all types of vegetation (compare to horses or mules which are grazers and need meadow pasteurage and supplemental feed in the back country). Our JMT clients report plentiful feed all along the JMT.

NOTE: It is best to start planning a JMT trip six to twelve months before your departure. To ensure you can reserve llamas for the entire span of your trip, call us at least six months before you plan to leave. A north to south trip is often more enjoyable than the opposite as your physical conditioning will improve along with the elevations of the mountain passes which increase as you travel from north to south.

PERMITS: Wilderness permits may be booked up to six months ahead of your planned departure date. It is very difficult to get a stock permit for Yosemite Valley so consider starting your trek at Tuolumne Meadows. Also, as of this writing, stock is not allowed to exit the trail at Whitney Portal, so consider Army Pass or Cottonwood Pass farther south as an exit trailhead.

Meadow Restrictions: For those traveling the JMT through Sequoia Kings Canyon, you must check the park service website proior to departure for guidelines and restrictions on private pack animal usage.

2013 JMT Llama Hiking Opportunity: I'm a female hiker with two pack llamas who will be hiking the John Muir Trail from North to south September 1st or so. I'm wondering if there is another preferably female hiker with pack llamas who would like to join me. I intend on hiking around 10 miles per day and completing the trail in three weeks. Contact
Lia at: "lia at leadpipeposters dot com"