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Rocky Mountain Llama Rental and Guide Service

Now serving the Rocky Mountain Region, Yellowstone Region and the Contiental Divide Trail.


Hiking with Kids and Llamas  

Trained pack llamas make it possible to get into the backcountry with young children. It's never too early to start. We've found hiking easiest while the kids were young enough to be carried in child carriers/backpacks.

With kids on your back, there is little room for gear. Our llamas will carry all your gear so you can tote your tots.

  • Llamas are Calm: Llamas are very calm and gentle. They are curious and careful around children. Young kids can easily lead llamas and help with llama chores.
  • Llamas are Fun: Kids love to lead llamas, feed llamas, and watch llamas. They provide hours of entertainment both on the trail and in camp.
  • Llamas are Easy: You can learn to mange llamas in our two-hour orientation. If only kids were so easy!

Our llamas carry up to 60 lbs each, so you can pack out all those dirty diapers without straining your back. They can easily carry any extra clothing or gear you need for the kids. And they are endlessly entertaining!

Recommended Books & CDs:

Songs for Llama Lovers - Young & Old by Diane White-Crane. Nominated for a WAMMIE award by the Washington (D.C.) Area Music Association, "Best Children's Recording 1999!"

Scraping Heaven by Cindy Ross - A true account of a family's five-year adventure in the untamed wilderness of the American Rockies.

Kids in the Wild: A Family Guide to Outdoor Recreation
by Cindy Ross and Todd Gladfelter

Stop Spitting at Your Brother! by Diane White-Crane

Llama Llove
Kramer Family
Gentle Llamas
Catie and Jim