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Rocky Mountain Llama Rental and Guide Service

Now serving the Rocky Mountain Region, Yellowstone Region and the Contiental Divide Trail.



Llama Packing Training Videos

We've made some handy videos to help orient you to llama packing. Please click the following three links to view these videos. Enjoy!

Leading Five Llamas

What We Provide

Each llama comes with its own saddle, pack, halter, lead rope, grain and tie-out rope. We also provide a first-aid kit (although I've never had to use one). If necessary we can provide a trailer to transport the llamas.



GearWhat to Bring

The normal lightweight backpaking gear and food used in the backcountry is also recommended when hiking and camping with llamas. We find that we can also take a few luxuries on our trips, such as fresh vegetables, photography equipment, camp chairs, a larger tent, and so on. A basic rule-of-thumb is one llama per person per week to maintain a backpacking style of trip.

Llamas101Llama Packing Orientation

Before your first llama trip, we provide a complete two hour orientation on the basics of llama packing, animal care, and maintainance.