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Sierra Nevada Llama Rental

"Take it off your back and put it in our pack!"



The Backcountry Llama Website - Lots of great information about llamas, llama packing, rental outfitters, and guide services around the United States.

Susan Alcorn's Long Distance Backpacking Website: Women in the 40 to 80+ age range are out doing major trails, competent and loving it. Susan wants to encourage more of them. Her goal is to infect others with an enthusiasm for backpacking and long distance walking, and to give them some stories, links and references to make it easier. 

Mammoth Weather - One of the more accurate weather forcasters for the Sierra Nevada high country.

  Handsome Anazuka

Emigrant Wilderness Trip #1 -2004

Emigrant Wilderness Trip #2 - 2004

Hoover Wilderness 2005

Emigrant Wilderness 2005

Desolation Wilderness 2006

John Muir Trail Trek 2007